Labor Day

In Croatia, Labor Day is traditionally celebrated by hiking to one of many hills or nearby parks and eating bean stew. Today we went to Japetić, which apart from amazing nature, also has a paragliding terrain. Unfortunately, I did not bring enough cash with me to try it myself but next weekend I won’t make the same mistake and will finally do it.

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New Blog!

I have decided to open another just Fashion Blog. So if you are a fashion lover, check it out! 🙂

Flamboyant H&M

With spring officially in town, and summer just around the corner, the city is full of colorful people and styles. Stopping by any H&M store will definitely supply you with accessories flamboyant enough to join a circus. We couldn’t resist taking a few photos 🙂

gem collars, flamboyant earrings, flower headbands, glitter shoes, skull necklaces, and peacock headpieces…..

Thumba_2013-04-14_18-36-03   Thumba_2013-04-14_18-35-03    Lomogram_2013-04-14_06-38-55-PM
   Thumba_2013-04-14_17-31-11     Lomogram_2013-04-14_06-16-41-PM   Lomogram_2013-04-14_05-59-29-PM

Kitsch vs. Religion

In Herzegovina there is the little town of Medugorje where supposedly the Virging Mary appeared to some children decades ago. Ever since it has been a place of pilgrimage for Catholics and tourist pour down to visit it. As the number of tourists grew so did other non-religious services to the point of where it is not clear anymore whether people come to pray there or shop for souvenirs. You can buy everything from little angles that glow in the dark to fashion bands with religious symbols. If all that is not enough, you can choose a statuette of a smaller “garden gnome” size or a life-size Mary. Although the number of visitors is on a steady rise, good taste has unfortunately abandoned Medugorje long ago…

Lomogram_2013-04-04_10-18-45-AM    Lomogram_2013-04-04_10-23-53-AM

Lomogram_2013-04-04_10-21-21-AM     Lomogram_2013-04-04_10-20-25-AM

Village. Easter.

Spent a few days visiting my grandparents in a small village for the Easter holidays. Living in the city, one easily forgets how peaceful and colorful life in the countryside is.

…..The stove is heated with wood and surprisingly requires constant vigilance.
…..The eggs in the basket were painted in plants to get natural colors. In order to get the leafy shapes on the eggs you take a leaf, put it on the
egg, put it in an old stocking and then it’s ready to be colored!
…..The coffee is drunk black and with the essential cube of sugar.
…..The nature is fickle and colorful.

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Cinema Europa

Went to this alternative cinema called “Europa” in Zagreb and watched an amazing film Wadjda.
There is an undeniable charm to cinemas with cozy armchairs and wooden coffee tables, for a change from Hollywood blockbusters and huge impersonal cinemas. You feel right at home….


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